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When we are all together we start our day with singing.  We wake our friend, mouse Agatha, up with a song and then can every child pick one or more Czech songs they would like to sing.


When we are all satisfied, we learn our song of the week.  Sometimes, we sing it very loud or super quiet, sometimes fast or slow.  We also try to learn some dance moves while we singing this song.

After some learning we sing our favourite English songs.

Here are some songs we love to sing:



Skákal pes, přes oves

Pec nám spadla

Šel zahradník do zahrady

Šla nanynka do zelí

Kolo, kolo mlýnský

Kalamajka mik, mik, mik

Kočka leze dírou, pes oknem

Maličká su

Běží liška k Táboru

Pec nám spadla

Holka modrooká

Utíkej Káčo, utíkej

Prší, prší, jen se leje

Jede, jede poštovský panáček


Roly, poly up up up

I had a tiny turtle

Three little ducks

Big red bus

The wheels on a bus 

Here comes the big red bus

Jelly on my plate

Open, shut them

Open, shut them 2

Wind the bobbin up

Incy wincy spider

Twinkle, twinkle little star

Baa baa black sheep

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

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