Who are we?

Sára Střihavková


Is running the nursery and making sure everybody is happy. Sara has been working as a professional nanny for six years at bilingual families in Prague and Stockholm. She also worked at Prague bilingual nursery school for one year where she boldly decided to reach her dream and start own nursery. 





Dominika Smutná


Dominika is a qualified nursery teacher with an individual approach to children. Dominika is a very creative person so she can teach your toddler how to draw and paint but also how to run, climb and appreciate every moment. We are thrilled that Dominika can play with us every day. 

Petra Křapková


Petra is a newest member of our team and we are very happy that she wanted to join us. Petra has a lot of experiences with children, not only she raised her two own children but she also worked as a teacher in a daycare for children from 2 y.o. to 5 y.o. For now you can see Petra at Baby Nest every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Every day she spends with us is amazing. Petra is a  qualified nursery teacher. 



Arnošt  Kasal


Arnošt is playing with us only occasionally mostly during the afternoons when he needs to relax from neverending computer work. However even tho he is not a teacher he is the best partner to have fun with because he never gets tired. 

At Baby Nest, we care to create a mentally stimulating and physically challenging environment to nourish the children playfulness.

Every teacher is experienced and pleased to help involving the best in your child.