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Who are we?


Kateřina Kvízová


Kateřina is a former social worker at Alzheimer's Center. She is very patient, understanding and warmhearted. When someone needs help she is always there for them!

Kateřina's schedule:

Mon - Fri


Anna Trusinová


Anna joined our team together with Jana this September. Anička has experience with children   not only from her studies but also as a mom of two girls. Anička creates beautiful weekplans for our Kobylisy branch.

Anna's schedule:

Mon-Fri morning


Naděžda Kohoutová


We are happy to introduce Naďa! She is sweet, a mother and a warmhearted person who loves playing and making artwork with children. We admire her for working as a nurse for seven years in the Department of Paediatric Psychiatry in Motol Hospital. We love her sense of humor, kind heart, creativity and patience. 



Sára Střihavková


Is running the nursery and making sure everybody is happy. Sara has been working as a professional nanny for six years at bilingual families in Prague and Stockholm. She also worked at Prague bilingual nursery school for one year where she boldly decided to reach her dream and start own nursery. 






Jana Seinerová


Jana joined our team this September with lot of experience from previous kindergartens and children's groups where she used to work. She is very loving and fair to each child. She loves to educate herself. We are thrilled that Jana decided to join our team .  

Jana's schedule:



Karolína Hýblerová


Karolína is a qualified kindergarten teacher with a warm-hearted personality. She is always thinking about teaching methods that help with your child's development. Her strength is that she isn't afraid of any challenge and always tries to find the best solution. We are so happy to have her! You can find Karolína in our Karlín branch. 

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Arnošt  Kasal


Arnošt is playing with us only occasionally mostly during the afternoons when he needs to relax from neverending computer work. However even tho he is not a teacher he is the best partner to have fun with because he never gets tired. 

At Baby Nest, we care to create a mentally stimulating and physically challenging environment to nourish the children playfulness.

Every teacher is experienced and pleased to help involving the best in your child. 

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