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What do we do during the day?


 At Baby Nest, we practice gross motor skills on daily basis. Every child needs an individual approach. We develop motor skills by dancing together, running a lot and teaching how to jump. We have a dedicated soft playing area where everyone can jump, climb, slide and do everything they can without risking any injury. 


We are helping your child to develop his/her fine motor skills by playing with appropriate toys. To illustrate our approach, we do these activities:

- children tread a fruit on a string

- fit objects into correct shaped holes

- learn how to hold a pencil


Every child is learning how to potty train in a different age. You can start with potty training your child usually around 15th to 18th month of a child's age. If you think that your child is ready to potty train, we will be happy to help you with it! 



We know how important music is. That is why we are starting our day by singing together in a circle. We are playing the instruments and learning how to use our voice correctly. We can sing loudly or quietly as a mouse. We teach children to sing in Czech, English and sometimes in Swedish and French as well. 



Developing senses is crucial for a child's growth. We use multiple activities that stimulate senses. We show children how different food tastes like to demonstrate tastes like sweet, salty, bitter or sour. While singing we explain how listening to ourselves and our friends' works. We are curious about new smells and scents. We learn to recognize objects by hand without looking at them. We are discovering colours, objects and shapes.




We are discovering the body parts. Children, can we find the nose, head, hair or knee? How does the body movement work? Where are our friend's cheeks? We sing songs and play a lot of games to learn everything we can about our bodies. 


What can I do when I am...



I am learning how to walk and if I can already do that I am improving my walking skills. I know where my arms are, legs, head and every other part of my body.  Sometimes, I need you to help me with it. I cannot talk, but I can show you what I want or need. I know how to clap my hands. I love trying to do everything my friends do - such as eating by myself or learning how to potty train.



I can focus easier on each thing I am doing right now. I am learning how to recognize differences between pictures, and I also have no problem describing situations around me. I am getting better at finding opposites. If you need help with finding missing objects in pictures, do not hesitate to ask me! My gross motor skills are rapidly improving. Now I can stand on one foot without any trouble. Or jump forward, backwards and even to sides. I know what I am physically capable of doing. 



When I am two years old, I am improving my communication skills - I can say the entire sentence. I understand the meaning of words "please", "thank you" and "excuse me". I know how to use them correctly.  I remember my friend's names when we are playing together. I recognize every colour. I am starting to learn how to count to ten. I know how to dress and undress myself, even though sometimes I need a little help. I am happy when I can help adults like water flowers, for example. I am very good at potty training. 



My fine motor skills are improving as I am practising every day. I can colour more delicately, cut paper with scissors by the line. Or you can ask me if I can draw by the line. I am also more agile. I can crawl on my back or abdomen. My jumping skills are awesome because I can jump high without a problem or even jump while running. If you want, we can also play basket because I can throw a ball with better accuracy. I am not afraid of any challenge ahead of me!



I can sing my favourite songs and recite rhymes. I am better at painting and drawing pictures. When you ask me to tell you my favourite fairytale, I can say it without hesitation. I know how to dance with a friend in a pair. Names of colours don't bother me anymore, so I am learning other stuff like days of the week and day routine. I can count to ten without a problem. 



I am ready to go to school soon! I cannot wait to meet new friends, environment and new challenges. I am happy to get better at everything I know and learn so much more! 

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