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We are aware of the uniqueness of each child, so we try to approach each toddler individually. We are creating a safe place where every child feels welcome, secure and enjoys coming back. 


We welcome anyone who wants to see our nursery. We don't worry about the colour of skin, religion or language we speak, because it is not important to us. At Baby Nest, we enjoy exploring new ideas and approaches not only from adults but from toddlers as well. We think that children could often be an example to us adults how easy it is to make friends.


We believe it is necessary to be outside as much as possible, and of course to run, jump, dance and walk a lot. So if the temperature is not too high or too low, we are playing outside. Although we have a garden sometimes, it is just not enough. In such a case, we go to the playground or the forest.


Because we care about our environment, we also try to take a responsible approach to environmental protection. We try to minimize all the waste we have, for example, by purchasing cleaning products at Kohoutek ve Dvoře, where you can buy all your cleaning products to your recycled bottles. The waste that we cannot be minimalized we recycle.

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